At-Home Gentle Soft Gel Removal Kit

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Our At-Home Gentle Soft Gel Removal Kit has everything you need to do a professional grade salon gel removal in the comfort of your home. Our gentle formulas won’t damage your nails and the kit is simple and easy to use.


Gentle Soft Gel Removal Kit Includes:
1x SMOOTH Crystal Glass Nail File
1x NOURISH - Travel Cuticle Serum
1x Mini Base Coat Nail Strengthener
2x Emery Boards
1x 2 oz. bottle - Acetone
20x Pre-cut foil squares with cotton
2x Birchwood Cuticle Stick
2x Buffers

BASE COAT At-Home Gentle Gel Removal Ritual Instructions: 

*Please remember not to peel off your gels; this will cause damage to your natural nails! 

Step 1: Spray our CLEANSING MIST onto your hands and rub them together. 

Step 2: Using an emery board, gently file down the top coat of your gel polish without disrupting your natural nail plate. This helps accelerate the gel removal process by breaking the seal of the gel manicure. 

Step 3: Apply our NOURISH cuticle serum to your cuticles and rub it in to help prevent nails and cuticles from dehydrating from the acetone used during the soaking time. 

Step 4: Fully saturate pieces of cotton with acetone and place them on your nails. Be sure the pieces of cotton fully cover your nails to effectively soak off the gel polish completely. *If you do not have acetone readily available you can use polish remover with acetone for soft gels only. It will take longer but it works. 

Step 5: Wrap pre-cut squares of foil around your fingers, holding the cotton in place on your nails. 

Step 6: *Optional: Heat 2 washcloths in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, wrap warm washcloths around each hand to trap in heat.The heat helps accelerate the soft gel removal process.

 Step 7: Patiently wait 10 -15 minutes to give the gel polish a chance to soak and soften. 

Step 8: Check to see if the gel is ready, starting with the first finger you wrapped. Using your Birchwood Cuticle Stick, gently push from your cuticle to the top of your nail (free edge) If it does not remove easily, rewrap your hand in a warm towel and wait a few more minutes. 

Step 9: Check gel polish again and remove remaining gel with Birchwood Cuticle Stick. Do not use metal tools or implements to ensure there is no damage to the natural nail bed. 

Step 10: Gently use mini buffer to help smooth your nail plate and nail edges. 

Step 11: Cleanse your hands again to remove any debris from the gel removal process. 

Step 12:  Apply a coat of our Base Coat with Garlic Extract to add a protective layer to your nails. The garlic extract will help strengthen your nails and also acts as an antimicrobial. 

Step 13: Apply NOURISH Cuticle Serum massaging it on your cuticles, each finger for at least 30 seconds this will bring blood flow into that area and nourish healthier and stronger nail growth and finish with our HYDRATE Creme. 


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