Body Care

This kit is designed for smoothing dry, callused, and cracked heels and feet. It includes a stainless steel, pedi file that is 100% sanitizable and washable as well as twelve refill strips. Each refill strip features EZ-strip, peel-off backing that grips the file handle. The strong adhesive keeps the refill strips in place during use and will not leave any residue after removal. These strips are water-resistant and can be used on wet or dry heels and feet. 

Kit includes:
•  Stainless steel pedi file
•  6 black 80-grit refill strips
•  6 white 180-grit refill strips

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How to use:

Do not use this kit on broken skin. To remove the sticker from the paddle, run under warm water for a few seconds and peel off the used sticker and discard. For best results, use a new refill strip for each service.