Given growing concerns around the Coronavirus, we wanted to share everything we're doing to keep you and our employees safe at Base Coat, we take wellness seriously and have always maintained rigourous cleaning regimens. Last year during a routine visit, a health inspector informed us that we had one of the most spotless salon environments that they had seen in over 20 years. They were so impressed that they snapped a few pics to share with other salon owners. The point is, we will always uphold this high standard of cleanliness to keep everyone that enters our space safe, healthy, and feeling good as hell.

That being said, in the wake of this outbreak, we have implemented a number of added measures (following the guidelines of the CDC) to ensure we are maintaining a sterile and safe environment for our guests and staff. Below is a list of all the ways we’re ensuring our salons stay hygienic and safe during this time:

  • Any guest or employee exhibiting symptoms similar to that of COVID-19 will be asked to not enter the salon and will be reported to a health care professional immediately.
  • We are requiring mandatory pre-shift and ongoing hand washing throughout the day.
  • It is mandatory for staff to wear gloves for all services and cleaning.
  • Staff & guests will have their hands sanitized prior to the start of their service.
  • We are offering additional sanitization options prior to treatments.
  • Each service station will be fully sanitized after each service.
  • We have a 4-week travel ban in place for all employees to countries of concern.
  • We use hospital grade solutions for all tool sterilization.
  • NO HANDSHAKING OR HUGS! We will wave, use a fist bump, slight bow, elbow bump, etc.

If you are feeling any symptoms that could be related to the Coronavirus, including fever, runny nose, dry cough, shortness of breath, please do not visit any of our Base Coat Nail Salon locations and please make arrangements to see a healthcare professional. Our staff is receiving the same instructions. If you have health issues or weakened immune systems, we ask you to hold on booking appointments with us for the time being to maintain your safety, health and wellness. Please keep in mind that we are still enforcing our 12-hour cancellation policy to ensure that our staff receives a living-wage.

For general tips on how to protect yourself against the Coronavirus, we encourage you to visit the CDC’s website.

As always, wishing you health, wellness and good vibes.

With love,
The Base Coat Team