COVID-19 Flagship Strict Guest Guidelines


Please do not schedule an appointment if you do not agree to our policies, terms and conditions.  

We at Base Coat Nail Salon follow and adhere to extremely strict COVID-19 protocols and polices to ensure the safety of our team, you, our incredible clients and our community. 

We know getting your nail services is a luxury, and some of these new changes may reduce that, but if we work together, things will get back to normal sooner rather than later and you will be able to once again receive the full Base Coat experience you’ve grown to love.

When reserving an appointment at Base Coat, you are agreeing and will be held financially accountable to all of our salon policies including full payment for services received or not received. In an effort to make sure our staff receives a full day's wage, we have a strict 12-hour cancellation policy. No shows, late arrivals and short notice cancellations will occur a full charge to guarantee nail artists get paid for their time. We thank you in advance for understanding and greatly appreciate your support in advancing our mission to provide a living wage for our staff.

Our Strict 12+ Hour Cancellation Policy still applies during this crucial time and you will be charged in full. No exceptions.

If you are uncomfortable with any of the guidelines outlined below, please notify us immediately at and we will cancel your appointment.

As always, reminders are a courtesy. We will make every effort to remind you of your scheduled appointment through our booking software, occasionally circumstances will arise which prevent us from doing so. You are responsible for making your scheduled appointment regardless if you received a reminder phone call, text/email or not. 

Outlined below are the guidelines that our guests must follow until further notice. Please note that the following is subject to change at any time including service prices and hours of operations with out notice. 



*We are not accepting any new clients until January 2022 at our Northside location in Denver, CO.*

  • We strongly advise immunocompromised, at risk and vulnerable humans with any medical conditions including pregnant and nursing mothers to really consider your risks before scheduling your appointment and highly suggest you do not schedule a non-essential personal service to reduce your exposure to COVID-19 and any other major health related illnesses and injuries during this crucial time.
    • If you or you have have been around someone sick or traveled outside of state or U.S.A. the last 48 hours we require you to cancel or reschedule your appointment, failure to do so, we have the right to refuse service with NO REFUND so that we can maintain a safe salon environment for all.
    • Please do not schedule an appointment if you have had close contact with any person confirmed with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or who is under investigation for COVID - 19 (Coronavirus) within the past 7 days. We have the right to refuse service with NO REFUND so that we can maintain a safe salon environment for all.
    • If you can not wear a mask for longer than 5 minutes due to any health related reasons we urge you to not schedule an appointment at this time. Your mask must fully cover your nose and mouth during your entire service, if it is taken off during your service, the nail artist will stop the service immediately and ask you to leave the premises with NO REFUND.
    • If we acknowledge your mask is not adequate or appropriate upon arrival we will ask you to replace your mask with a disposable mask provided by Base Coat. 
  • Please put your phone on silent when you arrive. We will not allow any phone calls in the salon or phone usage during manicure services out of courtesy of other guests and your nail artists in the quiet salon space.
  • Please do not bring any outside food or drinks. No exceptions. We will offer tea and water TO-GO only.
  • At this uncertain time we are not scheduling children under 11 years of age for any services. 
  • Only the person with the appointment is allowed in the salon, no children, babies, friends, pets or extra people are allowed in at this time.
  • While we are taking extra precautions to maintain a clean and safe environment, by booking an appointment you acknowledge that you’ve read our guidelines and are comfortable with the risks associated booking a non-essential personal service during this time of transition and you will not hold BASE COAT NAIL SALON and ANY EMPLOYEES liable for any injury, illness or health conditions that arises from application of non-essential personal services.
  • Please bring your face masks, or we have the right to refuse service with NO REFUND. *If we acknowledge your mask is not adequate or appropriate upon arrival we will ask you to replace your mask with a disposable mask provided by Base Coat.
  • If you arrive at your appointment showing any visible respiratory symptoms of illness even while wearing a face mask. For example, cough, fever, shortness of breath we have the right to refuse service with NO REFUND.  A fever is defined as a temperature of 100.4 or above. 
        • Guests please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment and no later. 
        • All Guests will have MANDATORY symptom screenings and sign additional liability release form before entering any Base Coat Nail Salon location as additional health and safety precautions.
            • As a Base Coat Nail Salon Guest, if you falsify any information on the MANDATORY Base Coat Guest COVID-19 Symptom Screening Form and/or knowingly/intentionally expose Base Coat Nail Salon employees and other guests to COVID-19 the day of your scheduled appointment we must report you to the Colorado State Health Department and Base Coat Nail Salon will take any legal financial action against you for loss wages to employees, loss revenue to Base Coat Nail Salon due to a 7-10 day mandatory quarantine business closure and all medical and cleaning expenses incurred if any Base Coat Nail Salon employees or other guests become ill from COVID-19 due to your known/intentional exposure and falsifying information.
            • It is also mandatory for all our nail artists and front desk hospitality team to wear a face mask and gloves at all times while inside and performing services.
              • We are following all COVID-19 Health and Safety regulations and guidelines from the CDC and OSHA. 
              • Our salons are properly cleaned, sanitized, disinfected before the start, in-between every single client, and at the closing of each day using only hospital grade disinfectants and we are strictly following all Colorado Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and local state health departments procedures. 
              • The reception and lounge areas are closed. 
              • We no longer offer same time services.
              • We are not booking any groups of 2 or more people. 
                • We ask that you wait outside or in your car until our front desk staff or nail artist comes and gets you, call or text you when we are ready for you, have your phone ready. Please note our front entry doors will be locked to limit access of people entering any of our  Base Coat Nail Salon flagship locations. 
                • By appointment only and we do not accept walk- ins.
                • When you arrive please use the restroom right away to minimize continued exposure to high touch areas.
                • Upon arrival all guests must use hand sanitizer provided by Base Coat Nail Salon outside before entering our salon and once entering guests must properly wash hands for 20 seconds before the start of their service.
                • Please wear shoes that are easy to take on and off for pedicure services. 
                • Please leave ALL personal items in your car trunk other than keys, cell phone, any emergency items, inhalers or epi-pens. We will not allow anyone to place your personal belongings on any surface within the salons to minimize spread of contamination.
                • Personal items: books, electronic devices and laptops are allowed during your service and must be wiped down with alcohol by the guest before using in the salon. 
                • Acrylic Safety Protection Guard partitions for Social Distancing Safety are available upon request.
                  • Disposable pedicure liners are available upon request for all pedicure services to ensure safety between guests. 
                  • Each station will be thoroughly sanitized after each client. We have allotted 15 minutes cleaning time in between clients to ensure everything is above and beyond sanitation and disinfection requirements for manicure implements and all high touch surfaces.
                  • We no longer will be serving complimentary water, tea and wine to reduce health risks to our staff until further notice. Please come very hydrated before your appointment. We will offer tea and water TO-GO only.
                    • All our nail artists, front desk support, and senior team are all BARBICIDE certified. Certificates available upon request via email.
                    • We will no longer be offering magazines, blankets or samples of our Base Coat products and no longer offering our REFILL program at this time due to contamination concerns. 
                    • After your service, guests are to check out and leave immediately so we can properly clean, disinfect and sanitize for our next guests. The waiting area/lounge is closed at this time. We ask all guests to call or schedule online for their next appointment. 
                    • We ask our guests to not touch our nail polishes, nail swatches and retail products. Please ask your nail artists or our front desk hospitality staff for assistance.
                    • We’re committed to creating a safe and clean salon environment. Please do not bring in your own nail polish or manicure implements.
                    • We require a credit card to secure all reservations and your card will be pre-authorized with no exceptions. This same credit card must be used at check out for contactless payment.
                    • All BASE COAT products, services and gift cards are non-returnable and final. No exceptions. Base Coat Gift Cards are not valid at all Nordstrom locations and Base Coat does not accept Nordstrom Gift Cards or Nordstrom Credit Cards.
                      • As a further precaution, we will no longer accept cash as a payment method, nor for gratuity. This is in order to protect not only our staff and the families they go home to--but you and yours as well. We will be accepting both credit/debit card.
                      • Venmo for direct cashless gratuity for our nail artists is the preferred method.
                          • REFUSAL OF SERVICE: At BASE COAT we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. We have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time with NO REFUND. This includes but is not limited to the usage of drugs, alcohol, sexual comments/remarks, racism, threats, any act of violence, harassment or unacceptable, disruptive, abusive behavior and language we feel is inappropriate. Individuals displaying these types of behavior will be escorted from the premises and may be prosecuted. As licensed professionals, we follow a strict code of ethics. It is very important that a safe environment is maintained for ourselves and each of our clients.

                          Because of the new strict guidelines we have put in place, we must follow, any appointment you currently have is subject to change. Each nail artist is working a limited schedule to accommodate these changes, so please be patient with us as your appointment may change. Additionally, each nail artist is adjusting their schedules to allow 10 minutes additional time to disinfect between clients thoroughly.

                          If you are experiencing any signs of illness, have been exposed to COVID-19, or are experiencing a fever, cough, or trouble breathing, please stay home and reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days later to ensure you are symptom-free.

                          We encourage our friends everywhere to take the extra precautions necessary to safeguard their health and that of others. It is everyone’s responsibility to help stop the spread of this virus, and protect those most vulnerable in our communities. It’s a complicated situation, our plans may change, and if so we will let you know. Please know we are closely monitoring the situation and will follow recommendations from the CDC and urge you all to continue to do the same. 

                          You are still welcome to shop for your favorite Base Coat products for your at-home mani and pedi ritual or gift cards to use for future services. We will be offering Free Shipping for all online orders over $75+ at If you have any questions or comments you can always email us at, and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize that over the next few months, there will be delays on orders and customer service requests. 

                          Thank you for your understanding and patience. As we continue our daily lives in this changing reality, let’s work to protect and care for one another.

                          We are all in this together! As always, wishing you good health and wellness. 

                          With love, Tran Wills and The Base Coat Team

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