Colorado Flagship Closure Announcement


Dearest Base Coat Colorado Community,

I have always been dedicated to maintaining transparency with all of our guests and followers. It is very important I personally let everyone know that after careful consideration after 10+ years, I have decided to close the last Denver, Colorado location. 

Base Coat is in a unique position––experiencing a higher demand for appointments and for our products than we had pre-pandemic––while being extremely short staffed due to reduced labor force participation, resulting in burnout for all our hard working staff and myself trying to meet the demand. After a very difficult and devastating last 2 years, I have exhausted all my time, strength, energy and consequently, my mental and physical health has severely suffered. I’ve also lost so much precious time with my family working day and night to survive as a small business during a pandemic with little to no resources and support for the nail industry. It is unfortunately no longer sustainable to remain open at our Colorado locations.

While this is bittersweet news, I want to humbly THANK YOU all for being on this wild journey with me, for your continued love, support, understanding, kindness, empathy and patience these past 10+ years especially during these last two most challenging years we’ve all had collectively.  At the end of the day, I couldn't be more proud of the beautiful nail brand I’ve built and all the many successes Base Coat has accomplished as one of the first national non-toxic, ethical nail care brands and nail salons. It has been such an incredible honor to provide you all with the best nail care services and products the past 10+ years in Denver, Colorado. I will truly miss the incredible community, lifelong friendships and memories we’ve created together during this unforgettable time. 

I am excited for this new chapter, whatever that may look like. Now, I can finally take the time to care for myself and truly heal especially, after my 3rd surgery this year. I’m also ready to take a real vacation with no interruptions or maybe just a nap. A nap sounds really nice. :)) 

Our Base Coat x Nordstrom Nail Salon and Spa locations will remain open nationally for all your non-toxic nail care needs. Our Base Coat nail care products will be available for purchase on our website,, Whole Foods, independent stores and nail salons nationwide. 

To our incredible loyal Colorado guests, we will create a Colorado Nail Artist Directory on our website for our current and talented nail artists you can continue to support and reach out to them directly for nail services. Please also continue to seek and support QTBIPOC owned nail artists and nail salons in your own communities, many are still struggling during this ongoing pandemic who do not have the same access, resources and support as NON-QTBIPOC owned nail salons. 

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. As always, wishing you all good health and please remember to take care of yourself. 

With All My Love, Tran Nguyen-Wills