Booking Policy, Strict Cancellation Terms & Agreement

A note about cancellations and timeliness:

The beauty industry is deeply suffering during this pandemic and has a possibility to be totally wiped out if there's another shutdown. With cases rising again nationwide and folks who cancel, are late, or don’t show, please know that your actions hurt our small businesses and the hardworking people who depend on you to show up. ⁠


⁠We ask our current + future guests to respect our very valuable time and our strict cancellation policies. We also ask folks to understand that being late or not showing up can lead to us charging late fees or a full-service charge. Leaving a negative Yelp/Google review or disputing a credit card charge due to this penalty damages our business permanently.

If you feel even slightly sick, please cancel. If your test is positive, we are happy to waive the cancellation fee. Please understand cancellation policies are not punishments—they’re put in place so our staff is compensated fairly, especially during this uncertain time. ⁠

We are trying to survive this pandemic just like everyone else—we love what we do, and we love being able to provide a brief, *safe* reprieve for you all. Please read and respect our policies if you would like to book with us. 

When booking an appointment at Base Coat, you are agreeing and will be held financially accountable to all of our salon policies including full payment for services received or not received. In an effort to make sure our staff receives a full day's wage, we have a strict 12+ hour cancellation policy. No shows and short notice cancellations will occur a full charge to guarantee nail artists get paid for their time. 

Before booking your appointment please take a moment to review our COVID -19 Guidelines that we have put in place that all guests must follow until further notice. While we are taking extra precautions to maintain a clean and safe environment, by booking an appointment you acknowledge that you’ve read our guidelines and are comfortable with the risks associated booking a non-essential personal service during this time of transition.

We thank you in advance for understanding and greatly appreciate your support in advancing our mission to provide a living wage for our staff. 

xx Tran Wills - Founder

I have read and agree to these terms.